Roundhouse factory goes greener


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Roundhouse factory goes greener

Factory 5The latest initiative from Roundhouse takes us very close to carbon neutrality. In an investment close to £200,000, Roundhouse has recently installed a biomass boiler at our factory in Malvern. Encouraged by the Renewable Heat Initiative, a government scheme which incentivises companies to make the change, all our wood waste is now burnt to heat the factory.

The biomass boiler handles 8 to 10 tonnes of wood waste per week, all of which previously went to landfill by road in skips.  Now it is all burnt on site, and it doesn’t just heat the factory – the heat is used for other industrial processes such as lacquer curing.

As we’ve reduced emissions from the gas heating we previously used, and by curtailing transport journeys to landfill to dispose of waste, we are close to being carbon neutral. So, not only do we save on our carbon footprint, but we have no more waste disposal costs, and no more gas bills for heating the building. It’s win-win all round!